Evolution Series Mobile Castor Kit, 228807

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Evolution Series Mobile Castor Kit, 228807

Quickfind: 228807

Mobile castor kit, (set of 2 lockable)

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Applicable Product Models
G514D-CB G514C-CB G514B-CB G514D-LS G514C-LS G514B-LS G516D-CB G516C-CB G516B-CB G516A-CB G516D-LS G516C-LS G516B-LS G516A-LS G516D-RB G516C-RB G516B-RB G516A-RB G518D-CB G518C-CB G518B-CB G518A-CB G518D-LS G518C-LS G518B-LS G518A-LS G518D-RB G518C-RB G518B-RB G518A-RB G504D G504C G504B G505D G505C G54D G54C GE505D GE505C GE54D GE54C G506D G506C G506B G506A G56D G56C G56B G56A GE506D GE506C GE506B GE506A GE56D GE56C GE56B GE56A G508D G508C G508B G508A G58D G58C G58B G58A GE508D GE508C GE508B GE508A GE58D GE58C GE58B GE58A G528D G528C G528B G528A G57-CB G57-LS G57-RB G570 G576 GE570 GE576 GP514-CB GP514-LS GP516-CB GP516-LS GP516-RB GP518-CB GP518-LS GP518-RB GPE506 GPE56 GPE508 GPE58 G55T G594-LS G596-B G596-LS G598-LS GT45 GT45E GT46 GT46E GT60 GT60E GT60-HPO E514D-CB E514C-CB E514B-CB E514D-LS E514C-LS E514B-LS E516D-CB E516C-CB E516B-CB E516A-CB E516D-LS E516C-LS E516B-LS E516A-LS E516D-RB E516C-RB E516B-RB E516A-RB E506D E506C E506B E506A E56D E56C E56B E56A EP514-CB EP514-LS EP516-CB EP516-LS EP516-RB EP518-CB EP518-LS EP518-RB EP506 EP56 E43 E43E E44 E44E E603 E604 IN512-CB IN514-CB

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