Vacuum Packers

A vacuum food sealer machine is a vital piece of equipment for your sous vide cooking machine. These professional food sealers are used to secure your food items in food vacuum bags ready for fresh and frozen storage, raw or cooked food, and even water bath cooking. We only stock high-quality vacuum packaging machines from leading catering brands like Sammic so you can guarantee your food sealer will deliver reliable results time after time. read more

A vacuum food sealer machine for any need

The great thing about a vacuum machine for food is their versatility. They can be used to vacuum pack food for a range of storage, including storing fresh or frozen raw or cooked foods from vegetables to meat. Additionally, they be used for marinating foods and in the use of sous vide cooking to seal in flavours and produce better quality foods. As well as being versatile and resulting in better cooking, a vacuum packaging machine can save you significant time with food preparation in the kitchen in the long term. 

A range of commercial vacuum packaging machines

You’ll find a wide range of vacuum food sealer machines including table top and free standing sealing machines to suit a range of catering demands and kitchen sizes. Our most advanced free standing sous vide vacuum sealer, the SU-6160, comes with a wide range of features including accurate sensor for precise and consistent results, 99% vacuum sealing capabilities, pause button for marinating food in the chamber and a label printing system. Alternatively, our compact tabletop vacuum packaging machine is ideal for vacuum packing food in smaller kitchens with more modest demands while delivering the same high quality.