Waking up to a freshly brewed, delicious, rich aromatic cup of coffee is the first thing we want every morning to get us energised and ready for the day. This is where the art and craft of coffee making comes into place.

Not only an individual at home, but a professional barista also loves their craft of brewing coffee and serves the best taste and experience to their customers. This isn’t possible when you don’t have the right tool and accessories and a coffee machine is the most fundamental and integral to this. Here, we list down some key tips on how to buy a quality espresso coffee machine:

  1. Type of Espresso Machine
    The espresso coffee machine comes in different varieties and depending on your specific requirements, like frequency of coffee making, variants of coffee you are going to make, home based or for commercial establishment, coffee brewing method and more, you should decide which one to go for. The different types of coffee machines are manual espresso maker, semi-automatic espresso machine, fully automatic machine, and super automatic machine.

  2. Assess Features
    Today’s equipment and devices are becoming smart and the coffee machine is no exception to that. You need to put some thought into what types of features each coffee machine carries and how they can enhance your coffee making process, improve the taste, is easy to control and adapt to and how these features can provide convenience and comfort to you. 

  3. Cleanliness and Maintenance
    A coffee machine can only work better and for longer if it is maintained and cleaned properly. Therefore you must look into what type of cleaning and maintenance schedule the coffee machine requires. Is the cleaning equipment pertaining to that easily available, will it take less or more effort and time, how easy the cleaning process will be and so; these are the points to ponder over.

  4. Size of the Machine
    If you have a limited bar / kitchen counter space, then you will require a machine that can fit in perfectly, allowing for ease of usage and does not disrupt other functions. This is why considering the size is important to decide how conveniently a machine can be fitted-in into your café bar / kitchen space.

Apart from these aspects, make sure to consider additional features, durability, optimised process of brewing the coffee, water and power supply and also compare the prices to pick the best espresso coffee machine that fits your needs and requirement ideally.