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ScanBox put great effort into the design of the exterior of their products which are robust, stylish and offer high capacity combined with trouble-free operation. As a standard, ScanBox carts are black and they are also available to order in red or grey. In the same way that ScanBox can adjust the functions or measures of their carts to fit your needs, ScanBox can also customise the carts to look the way you want them to! Do you have a special colour or pattern in mind? Everything is possible! Place your logo on your carts, and you will have free advertising wherever they are operating. As an additional bonus when “tagging” your carts, they will be easy to find – thus adding functionality and brand exposure!


Ergo Line - GN 1/1

is the perfect choice for efficient distribution and cold/hot holding of food – e.g. during the busy lunch hours or whenever flexibility and easy operation are your priorities. With quality in every inch and a solid shell protecting the details on the inside, ScanBox carts offer well-planned interaction of functions, high capacity when transporting the food to the dining area and a remarkable ability to preserve food quality.

Banquet Line GN 2/1

range of insulated ergonomic carts used for hot/cold holding and distribution of food in environments requiring a combination of quality, style and high capacity. The Banquet Line has been designed for large-scale catering – e.g. banquets and events – where sometimes thousands of people need to be served at the same time.

Banquet Master

is a roll in system with humidifier and convection heating up to 90ºC. The box is designed to fit the roll-in rack from your combi oven. After cooking the food in your combi , you simply roll the rack directly into the hot holding cabinet. Available for world leading combi oven brands such as Rational, Electrolux, MKN & Houno.


- is a mobile serving platform for cook-serve applications. A perfect product for catering firms, hospitals, arenas and schools among others that need a versatile all- in-one product for transporting, holding and serving meals. The robust and lightweight construction assures easy manoeuvrability and durability. ScanBox unique Temp- Stop technology, combined LED-displays for controlling all temperatures, adjustable steam ventilation, detachable racks and central brake system are some of the many standard features. Installation is made in seconds and only requires a single phase power connection. With a wide selection of extras, you can adjust your Food2Go unit to suit your specific needs.