With energy costs rising and many of us adopting an eco-friendlier mindset, it couldn’t be a better time for the Precision LPU150 freezer to earn an A rating for energy efficiency. This powerful under counter freezer might look small, but it can deliver some surprisingly big energy and cost savings.

Energy efficiency in the catering kitchen

It’s no secret that restaurants and other catering settings use much more energy than the average kitchen. With several powerful pieces of equipment working in an often already hot and enclosed space, any appliance not working efficiently is wasting massive amounts of energy.

This doesn’t just affect the eco-conscious kitchen. Wasted energy translates to wasted costs, and a good chunk of those mind-boggling commercial kitchens bills is simply wasted energy.

energy efficiency in the catering kitchen

Aside from attracting the rising number of eco-conscious customers, kitchens that take serious steps to reduce their energy consumption can achieve up to 30% cost savings, all without sacrificing on service or quality. In fact, investing in more efficient equipment could improve the quality and overall organisation of your kitchen and production.

For smaller kitchens, however, aiming for energy efficiency is easier said than done, especially with refrigeration. Remote fridges are typically the go-to option for kitchens looking to reduce energy waste, using a condensing unit that is located off premise and helping to reduce both noise and temperature in the kitchen as well. This isn’t always an option, particularly for kitchens located in a small or unusual building. When both space and energy are a concern, what is the solution?

The energy efficient LPU150 under counter freezer

One of the newest additions to the Precision range, the LPU150 freezer has been awarded an A rating for energy efficiency. Using just 1.27kWh in 24 hours under the Ecolabelling EN16825 Climate Test Class 4 – M1, this powerful freezer looks to reduce power consumption and, more important, reduce running costs. As well as it’s affordable purchase price, the lifetime cost of the appliance is significantly less than other similar models. It should help to make those scary catering kitchen bills look a bit friendlier, and you can even start promoting your new energy efficient stance to new potential eco-conscious customers.

To secure the A rating the Precision LPU150 freezer features high performance zero ODP polyurethane insulation, helping to reduce energy waste and maintain food at consistent temperatures even in small and hot kitchens. To aid the superior insulation, a waste heat recovery condensate vaporiser system further reduces the potential for wasted energy. An electronic controller with easy read LCD screen gives kitchens complete control over temperatures and energy efficiency.

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Big performance designed for small spaces

Despite achieving superior energy and performance, all the features and style that make this freezer so great are packed into a space saving under counter design. With a footprint of just 600 x 640mm, it’s perfect for smaller professional kitchens that don’t want to sacrifice on quality. Bistro pubs and boutique style restaurants can easily fit and clean the LPU150 thanks to back positioned rollers and two adjustable feet at the front. To top it all off, a flush handle and sleek stainless-steel design will look just as at home front of house as it will in a new and stylish catering kitchen.

The HPU150 fridge

You can also get the HPU150 fridge to complement the under-counter freezer. Featuring the same high performing energy efficiency, the fridge unit is also available with a choice of either two or a bank of three drawers. Both alternatives are in keeping with its compact and efficient design, perfect for chefs who want to organiser their food better with quick and easy access, even when space is limited.