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However, this practice can become dangerous because of parasites contained in many common fishes like sardines, herrings, tuna, salmon, cod, sea bass, swordfish and squids.

The most infamous is THE ANISAKIS, which can possibly be found in the meat of fish if they are not properly gutted.

Fish is safe if its cooking temperature reaches at least 65C for 10 minutes minimum. The marinating of fish does not kill parasites, so the only safe solution is to deep freeze the food very quickly to -20C for 24 hours.

This process can be successfully carried out WITH A HIGH PERFORMANING BLAST CHILLER ONLY, because freezing fish in storage freezer-cabinets or using a low quality blast chiller damages the texture, flavour and organoleptic content of it.

SINCOLD Blast Chillers-Deep Freezers provide a completely safe RAW FISH SANITATION cycle in accordance with sanitary regulations.

Enjoy your fish, by SINCOLD !! Courtesy of KiD Catering Equipment